Pender County Republican Party Pender County Republican Party

Please note that Sandra Ray and Richard Kern are both running in the GOP primary for the same position of NC District Court Judge.

Pender GOP does NOT endorse either candidate in a primary election.  

The following is posted at the request of the candidate. 


Judicial races often fly under the radar. Voters can change this. Judges elected to the Bench will decide the quality of your courtroom and the outcome of your case.


You have a choice in this Primary Election to send a better candidate to the Bench. You have a choice to send a message. That message is: Voters decide who wears the black robe.

Lawyers presenting cases in the courtroom can be the biggest part of the courtroom process. Here they gain courtroom experience. I have been working in the courtroom for the past ten years.

Currently I am with Rice Law and during my seven years here I had the privilege to mentor under former Chief District Court Judge Charles Rice III. He encouraged me to run for this seat. Like Judge Rice, I want to serve with Honesty and Impartiality.


My opponent is running on her Experience in office. Experience for any job should NOT be how long you hold that position. It should be your Record on that job. Do you know my opponent’s Record? You should.


The simple truth is that all Judges have no judicial experience in their first run.


My opponent also strongly supported a NC Superior Court judicial candidate in 2018 who had NO prior judicial experience. His opponent in the race had over five years of experience on the Bench as a NC Superior Court Judge. My opponent's support for this candidate confuses me.


I am a life-long Republican. You do not have to ask yourself if I changed parties to run for a judicial seat. I have always been a member in good standing of The North Carolina State Bar and The New Hanover County Bar Association. I have never received a complaint. My record is unblemished. My Record is an open book.


I am asking for your Vote in the March 3 Primary Election.


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